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... earth Posted by Phil on 2005-06-20 12:08:49
Deep in the heart of the universe lives an ancient race made of pure sonic energy.

Together with these beings, the Deep Space Exploration Agency creates DS-612, a ship made of resonant harmonic frequencies and powered by a mysterious device called the Funkatronic Generator.

Their ship complete, the team lock in coordinates for the final part of their mission. Their destination: Earth.

After far too long a break, the Deep Space Exploration Agency return with techno, house and electro from the farthest reaches of space.

    Phil Chan (Southern Outpost)
    The Sentinel (Southern Outpost)
    James Bond

10PM - 6AM
Saturday 09-July-2005
Castles on Castlereagh
114 Castlereagh St, Sydney

$15 on the door, free entry after 4AM

This event has limited capacity. To avoid disappointment, presale tickets are available from:

DS Agents RZ-1 and Sleepy this Friday Posted by RZ-1 on 2004-11-30 12:31:24
Agents RZ1 and Sleepy have re-materialised on the terrestrial surface for a night of sonic manipulation. Spinning the best in intergalactic beats and grooves from our solar system.

Free entry to Deepspace members.

Burlesque @ Tonic - 62-64 Kellet St, Kings Cross
Friday 3rd December 2004
8pm till late

Download the flyer here

Goodbye Patrick HAF Posted by RZ-1 on 2004-05-19 10:21:06
From Patrick's weblog:

Patrick HAF played his dj last set at Frigid on Sunday night. If I do say, he played one incredible set of amazing tracks spanning several genres.

He’s gone forever… never to return. 14 years is a long time for the Hafster.


Dan Curtin interview on 11th Hour Technology Posted by RZ-1 on 2004-05-17 13:20:04
11th Hour Technology currently have an interview with long time Deep Space favourite Dan Curtin. Also featured on the site are two mixes from Dan Curtin featuring tracks from Titonton Duvante, Moodyman, Underground Resistance, Marvin Gaye, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, New World Aquarium and more.

Patrick HAF at Frigid this Sunday (16/05) Posted by RZ-1 on 2004-05-14 18:05:04
This Sunday we have Southern Outpost supremo, Patrick HAF, playing what may turn out to be one of his last DJ sets in Sydney. Having hooked up a deal with Detroit's Submerge, Patrick is focussing his time on production and may even be heading to live in US soon.

Patrick has been one of the warriors of the Sydney scene starting out DJing around the time we started. He shifted to production in the late 90s and set up Southern Outpost - a label dedicated to making and releasing quality Detroit influenced electro. You can read about the label in Cyclic Defrost #2. Patrick will be unearthing some classics from the early years as well as some of his new material for Sunday.

Patrick is joined by Elefant Traks affiliate KTC who you may remember for her excellent sets upstairs at the Hopetoun. Also, Prince Valium and I will be spinning tracks.

Sunday May 16
Patrick HAF (Southern Outpost)
Prince Valium
Seb Snarl

@Newtown, 52 Enmore Rd, Newtown

FREE ENTRY, 6pm to 11pm

James Bond at High Jinks Posted by RZ-1 on 2004-05-14 18:01:32
James Bond will be cutting it up this Saturday night down at the Sly Fox on Enmore Rd in Enmore between 11.30pm and 1am. Get down there for it!
In association with Kanzleramt of Berlin, High-Jinks is proud to be the host of the releaseparty for Fabrice Lig's new album, 'My 4 Stars'!!!

We will have CD and VINYL giveaways on the night, which will see the holding of the inaugaural High-Jinks Dance-Off!!! In true gladiatorial fashion, keen Jinkers will pit their footwork against each other, one-on-one, until only the victor remains!!! The faithful crowd will serve as judge, and their decision will be final.

So dust off your dancing shoes and come along and win some cool new music that will blow your mind in a manner similar to our SIX DOLLAR COCKATAILS from 7-9. Free Pool table all night, a brand new super-sweet sound system, a pair of extra special guests guaranteed to induce involuntary hip wiggle and the friendliest, messiest crowd that darkened the doors of any hostelry in the Inner West!

High-Jinks: Stay a while - stay forever!!!

DJs: James Bond (Deep Space), AKA (Coded), Topher, Señor Spitch, Some Freak

Jupiter Jazz Posted by RZ-1 on 2003-11-14 10:32:12
Saturday the 6th of December
Bar Europa, 88 Elizabeth St, Sydney
9PM - 3AM
Limited Capacity
$10 on the door

The people that brought you Deep Space, Housin' Gardens and Boogietronics are back again with Jupiter Jazz. Jupiter Jazz is a cocktail lounge adaptation of our earlier parties, remodelled for a more relaxed and intimate environment. Lounge with friends and enjoy a Callisto martini while listening to some stimulating vibrations for your organism. If you 're in the mood you can get up and shake it on the dance floor... There's no pressure at Jupiter Jazz, just comfort, friends and fun.

Mixing on the night are Deep Space Agents:

Colour (Dark Energy)
James Bond (Biorhythms)
Patrick HAF (Southern Outpost)
Phil Chan (Southern Outpost)
RZ-1 (D.S.E.A.)
Sleepy (D.S.E.A.)
XXX (D.S.E.A.)

New Submerge released coming soon Posted by RZ-1 on 2003-08-22 11:28:20
Check out some of the new releases coming from the Submerge camp. Looks like there some real goodies!! Three new EP's from Underground Resistance courtesy of Mad Mike, the Aquanauts, and the Aztec Mystic with a remix by Orlando Voorn of Fix/Flash fame! Also coming is mix CD's from James Pennington the Suburban Knight, Kevin Saunderson and DJ 3000, and new EP on Red Planet and some new hip-hop business from DJ Dez on Hipnotech.

Deep Space returning... Posted by RZ-1 on 2003-08-22 11:20:06
That's right. After a long hiatus, Deep Space will be returning in style. More details to come, but mark down in your diaries for the October Labour Day long weekend! Also there are some rumours on the grapevine about the posibility of a Southern Outpost party, with SO live! Keep your ears to the ground for that.

Boogietronic @ Tek-ni-kal?? Posted by Colour on 2003-08-07 22:55:09
Hi all.
Many of you may already be aware that there is a night down at Teknikal called Boogietronic. First up, I want to assure everyone of you that this has nothing whatsoever to do with us, the real "Boogietronics".

This is straight up plagiarism –
1: a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work
2: the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own.

For the record, "Boogietronics" was founded approximately 10 years ago by myself, Dj Colour and James Bond. We have done many events and projects under this moniker and continue to have involvement with Deepspace as you probably well know. Yet now, some small minded person has thought to try to abuse our name and hard worked for reputation to try to fool you, the discerning listener and clubber, into thinking that we are involved with this night. This is simply not the case. If we were involved in any way, we would gladly support and advertise the fact. Sadly, this act is not an attempt to generate any community to try to consolidate the already fractured "Techno" scene, but one of seeming envy and derision. I can only feel sympathy and disappointment for the person/s responsible who clearly lack any imagination to create their own ideas or concepts.

My point here is let you know loud and clear, that we are not involved.
So tell your friends, pizza delivery guy, email contacts, prom queens, dogs and cats, work friends and lets keep everyone informed !


Dj Colour

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